In English

Hupihana is a small Finland-based organization. It was founded a couple of years ago when Helena and Aku found out that a little girl that they knew, called Jasbir, had died from malaria in Mumbai. Jasbir’s family was in trouble, as Jasbir’s sister had fallen sick too, and the family had run out of money.

Something, anything, had to be done! Helena, Aku and their friends Ami and Anni decided to collect money by selling pie during Restaurant Day (Restaurant Day is a concept originating from Helsinki, when all Helsinkians are encouraged to open their own restaurants for a day on the streets and in their homes). The word started spreading and there were tens of volunteers baking and buying pie at the Pie Stop, set up in a park by the sea in Helsinki. It was a fun day and resulted in heaps of money, which was enough to help Jasbir’s family out and some.

Since then, Hupihana has organized three Pie Stops on three consecutive years. The money collected has been spent to organise medical camps for children in Mumbai, to build a toilet in rural India, to vaccinate a football team in Tansania, to provide dental care for orphan Indian girls and to help out children and families in urgent need.

All the money collected by Hupihana goes towards helping children and our pie bakers and eaters find it very rewarding that they know where their money is spent. To ensure that the money goes to those in need, we work closely together with local friends and partners, whom we can trust.

It’s incredible how much you can achieve with just a single pie!

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